Monaciello is Italian for little monk and is a myth similar to the leprechaun. The city of Naples was built over a tunnel system and the monaciello was believed to guard the monk's wine cellars in these tunnels. Legend records tales of these hobbit-monks secretly appearing to people in their most dire straights and providing exactly what was needed.

Sometimes a little Monaciello is all you really need!

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Our cellars contain pure whole foods from organic vegetables to free-range duck and chicken eggs to grass-fed meats and pure Michigan wine. We are located in SW Michigan with weekly deliveries from Skokie to various points east along I-94.

To Place an order call 269-330-2347 or email us at giuseppi@monaciellocellars.com.

Monaciello Cellars Farm Shares
($65/month or $750/year)
    Monthly Farm Shares Include:
  • Wine of the Month (750 ml)
  • 1 Dozen Free-Range Eggs
  • 3 lbs of Grass-Fed Ground Beef
  • Free-Range Cornish Roasters, Chicken or Duck
  • 1 Quart of Mai Organic San Marsano Tomatoes
  • 1 Seasonal Raspberry or Strawberry Jam, Ube Butter, Squash or Zucchini
Chicken, Cornish or Duck: $10
Free-range Eggs: $5 / doz
Ground Beef: 2 lbs for $15
Free-range Thanksgiving Turkey: Market Price [Order by April 1]
Cubed Goat Meat: $10
Seasoned Apple Wood Chips: $10 per coffee can.
Hydroponic Romain Lettuce: 3 for $5
Organic Potted Basill or Parsley Plants: $5
Raspberry or Strawberry Jam: $5 per 8 oz
Organic Marzano Tomatoes: $5 per quart
Ube Butter: $5 per 4 oz.
Organic Butternut Squash: 2 for $5
Organic Spaghetti Squash: 2 for $5
Organic Zucchini 5 for $5
Monaciello Cellars©
Award-Winning Wines

    Cancelere Rosso:
  • 2016 Illinois Wine State Fair - Silver
  • 2017 Indy International - Bronze
  • 2017 WineMaker International - Bronze
  • 2016 WineMaker International - Bronze
    Cabernet Franc:
  • 2017 Indy International - Silver
    Moscato Mianne:
  • 2018 Indy International - Bronz
    Dolce Bianco
  • 2016 WineMaker International

Wine of the Month:
January: Cabernet Franc
February: Bianco Secco
March: Trie Strawberri
April: Scisciano Chianti
May: Traminette
June: Raspberry Mikayla
July: Moscato Mianne
August: Vino Rosatto
September: Ube Bee
October: Meritage Monk
November: Cancelliere Rosso
December: Francesca Chocolate

Monaciello Cellars Wine Club (Participation Required)

*Monaciello Cellars Club Members receive an annual case of wine (including 4 premium wines) at cost. Club members are required, however, to participate in 8 hours of grape pressing (October) bottling (January) and/or vineyard work (April).

* Potluck after-parties will take place after each participation day.
* Free camping in the vineyard is available on all participation days.
* Local labors are available to take your place at $10 per hour if you cannot make any of the club events.
* Cases can be upgraded to all premium wines for additional participation or cost.