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Coming Soon - Amish Auction & New Goodies for the Farmstead (EP-7)

We attended an Amish Auction ane we highly recommend it. We had a blast and are crazy about the items we scored for pennies on the dollar!

Please consider supporting our music, videos and our quest to buy a drum set in any of the following ways:
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(4) Vineyard Chicks' merchandise like the Born With Boots Shirt.

Thank you for your support!

Coming Soon - Why Did The Chicken Cross the Vinyard?(EP-6)

To get to the Duck and Chicken Coop! The Vineyard Chicks reveal their strategies for raising free-range poultry which also allows our vineyard to remain free from pesticides.

Coming Soon - New Kids On the Blocks (EP-5)

New Kids On The Blocks features our new baby goats, stables, milking stands & spool playground.

Zucchini Coming Out of Our Ears (EP-4)

We planted so much zucchini and and summer squash that we can't keep up! Join the Vineyard Chicks as they compare different methods for preserving and dehydrating these vegetables.

Cereal: Thinking Outside the Box! (EP-3)

Join the Vineyard Chicks making their favorite cereal using only a few healthy ingredients.

Boots Are Made For Walking (EP-2)

The Vineyard Chicks have fun trying on boots at TSC and made cover song and video forBoots Are Made For Walking to celebrate!

Sour Patch Kid (EP-1)

Watch Bunkie's reaction as her tastebuds first experience cranberries!