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About Us

Hi we're the Vineyard Chicks (Kay Kay, Trie & Bunkie) and this page is about us. We went from living in near Chicago to a 20-acre farm in SW Michigan. We are another of the growing families that left behind the big city issues for a life of organic and sustainable farming. Thats where the homemade and homestead in our logo comes from but we are also homeschooled which means we have more time to love our animals, learn about nature, make cool stuff and work on our music goals. I suppose what makes our homestead different is our cultural heritage. Mom is Filipino and Dad is Italian and so we grow and make food with ethnic flavors. Oh yeah and did I mention they make wine? Yeah we have 3,000 grape vines and our parents make really good wine and of course it is all natural and organic. Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to sharing our journeys.

Contributions are most appreciated and can be made in the following ways:
(1) Donate $1 or $2 at Paypal.me
(2) Purchase organic food boxes at Monaciello Cellars.
(3) Buying from any of the Amazon Affiliates links.
(4) Vineyard Chicks' merchandise like the Born With Boots Shirt.

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